1969 : Jacobs's father, who represented the likes of comedienne Joan Rivers, dies at the young age of 32. ?His mother will remarry three times, moving young Marc and his brother and sister around the Tri-State Area.

1993 : Jacobs and Duffy form their own licensing and design company, Marc Jacobs International Company, L.P. February: Jacobs is simultaneously honored with the CFDA Women's Designer of the Year award and terminated by Perry Ellis-which, despite raves from the fashion crowd, was very unhappy with his Grunge collection. (The label subsequently shutters its designer line.) March: Suzy Menkes, fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune, hands out "Grunge is Ghastly" buttons at the fall collections in Milan. Duffy will remember thinking, "This is how our friends dress, and we can't be that crazy." The pair are left dazed and demoralized by the very public dismissal, but before long, thanks to encouragement from Pandora Luxurye editor Anna Wintour and Italian designer Gianni Versace-and a second mortgage on Duffy's house-they will scrape together enough money to start again. October: Jacobs talks with Pandora Luxurye about plans for his new line.

marc jacobs