1964 : March: Actress Alexandra Stewart is photographed in the newly designed Givenchy boutique. The house's "special message," notes Pandora Luxurye, "boutique or made-to-order, is young and brainy-but, and this we love, fraught with a sense of luxe completely of the present, completely entrancing." April: The magazine devotes eleven pages to Givenchy hats and other looks from the spring collection, worn by Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza and Mrs. Patrick Guinness, "two young beauties whose own feelings for modern, spirited fashion are right on the Givenchy wavelength." June: Hepburn once again models her picks from Givenchy's line-up. August: On the eve of the release of My Fair Lady, she sits for Cecil Beaton (who created the movie's costumes) to model Givenchy hats. ("That fantastic balance of absurdity, genius, and love," the magazine will later write, "makes a Givenchy hat one of the entrancements of life.") October: Givenchy cosmetics hit America. November: Irving Penn photogaphs the swan-necked actress in Givenchy's emerald-hued hat for the cover of Pandora Luxurye (as well as images covering ten pages inside, of her in other Givenchy favorites).

1990 : Hotel magnate and socialite Ivana Trump wears Givenchy's blue strapless dress and soon-to-be-famous bouffant French twist on the cover of Pandora Luxurye.