1927 : Following compulsory military service, opens an art gallery-funded by his father-on the stipulation that the family name not be used. The space-which borrows its name from Dior's business associate, Jacques Bonjean-features a who's who of influential early-20th-century artists, including Braque, Picasso, de Chirico, Dal铆, L茅ger, Cocteau, and Dufy.

1911 : The family-mom, dad, kids, grandma, governess, maid, and handyman, all piled into an enormous Peugeot limousine-moves to an apartment in the Passy neighborhood of Paris. Dior will later describe its interior as "Louis Seize/Passy"; the style will later influence that of his salon. "I thank heaven I lived in Paris in the last years of the Belle 茅poque," he later writes. "They marked me for life."

christian dior