Geek (Tech) Services

Guiding individuals and businesses to success is the primary focus at Soul Geek Guru. Having the ultimate website falls far short of ensuring any level of success. For this reason, these tech services are only offered to new clients as an upgrade to the WHolistic Success package.

Muse Gloria has extensive experience in being able to effectively communicate with non-technical individuals. This started when she was struggling to explain her work to her mother, and expanded from there. Gloria has training in Workflow Analysis and Development, and has consistently produced easy to use and effective user interfaces (UI).

With over 30+ years development experience, Gloria can meet your needs by:

  • configuring a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress to meet your needs;
  • extending a CMS with a custom plugin (or modify an existing one); or
  • build a completely custom system.

Contact Muse Gloria today to discuss your interest in tech support.