Rest vs Renewal

WaterfallIn our lives, we often are so busy we can become exhausted. Rest and relaxation is important, yet they, by themselves, are not enough. Renewal is what is needed to restore both the mind and body back to full health. What’s the difference? Rest is simply non-action, and includes sleep. Many will rest by watching TV, or reading a book. Renewal, on the other hand, is a peaceful activity that is focused and restores. Renewal can be achieved thru: affirmative prayer to a loving God; meditation; light exercise like a walk; being in nature; or even petting a dog or cat. So, next time you are feeling exhausted, instead of vegging-out, stroke your pet, go for a short walk, or do a short 5 minute meditation. Doing these regularly can even prevent exhaustion. Commit today to daily renewal practices.


photo credit: LukeDetwiler via photopin cc

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