Misty LandscapeSeveral years ago, while working for a large, international corporation, a few team members from Ireland were visiting our offices in the US. One day was dark, damp, cold, and rainy, so a co-worker mentioned, “what a dreary day”. To this the Irish replied, “Really? You think of this type of day as dreary? How depressing.”

So, I asked him about this, and he said that it rains like this almost every day in Ireland, and if they considered this type of weather as dreary they would be severely depressed.

Then I asked the Irish perspective on a rainy day, to which he replied, “we think of it as a soft day.” What a different perspective.

How often do you allow circumstances, or what someone else has taught you about them, to get you down. Recognize when this happens, and consider how you can shift your perspective to one that is brighter.


photo credit: MSVG via photopin cc

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