The Meaning of Things

Confederate FlagThe meaning of any object, whether it is a flag or something else, is whatever you think it is.

Confederate FlagLast night I was watching one of the network news channels where they shared that the governor of North Carolina had requested a change in the law to prohibit the confederate flag from being on display at any government facility. Then they were talking with guests about what that flag means. Some of the guests were adamant that it not only stands for, but also evokes hate. Others shared opposite ideas. One of the hosts shared his belief that it conveys bravery.

What does it really mean? It means whatever you think it does. There are as many different beliefs about any one object as there are individuals who consider what meaning it has, as each of us brings our own life experiences, and the teachings from our parents and community, as factors into the meaning we give any item, and everyone’s experiences are unique.

A flag, like many other objects, is simply a symbol which can be used to remind us of an idea or philosophy to life. A flag can often evoke feelings of pride. Maybe those in the South are embracing the confederate flag because they are finding it difficult to embrace USA’s flag, due to the politics of today, and the over abundance of negative news surrounding these politics, on both sides. The confederate flag can be a symbol of pride, of hard work bringing rewards, of being responsible for self, family, community, and of family values. And, on the other side, are those who are reminded of slavery when they see the flag, and all the baggage that comes along with thoughts of slavery.

Holding on to any idea that brings up negative feelings is a disservice to self. Let it go. Listen to the viewpoints of others, and be open to the object being discussed having a different meaning for others. Choose to release whatever energy you have held in regards to the object.

The best use of any object, whether it be a flag, or a rock, or jewelry, or anything, is to remind you of your greatness, and of wonderful possibilities in life. If you are unable to do this, then do a brief ceremony to let it go, then discard it. Surround yourself with only that which is positive and feels good. And, most importantly, be non-judgmental, allowing others to believe what they will, saying a silent prayer that the Divine support them.


photo credit: Confederate Battle Flag via photopin (license

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