Manifesting a Moose Visit

On Memorial Day 2015, my husband and I ventured into the city Boulder for lunch. As we departed the city, heading up the canyon, there was a sign warning to keep a watch out for wildlife and that moose were in the area. I knew that the moose population has been increasing over the past several years. One of my neighbors who lives along the edge of our neighborhood had shared seeing moose in her yard several times, yet I had yet to see one. 

So, upon seeing this sign, I thought how nice it would be to see a moose at my home. The next day, I spotted a moose walking down our driveway. It proceeded up into our front yard. When I went outside to capture a few photos, it was scared and ran into the road. 

Wow! I send a message of something I desire out into the Universe, and the answer arrives the next day. How wonderful! Manifesting at it’s best!

Hope you enjoy these pictures. (coming soon)