In the Zone

“Hagen and Jones do not will the swing into being, they use their will to find the swing that is already there.”
~ Stephen Pressfield, The Legend of Bagger Vance

GolferSeveral years ago I started bowling again. I had bowled over 20 years previously, and had only been bowling again for maybe 9 months. My average was 121. I was starting to bowl a few games in the 180’s and even 190’s, but 200 was an elusive mark. I did the math and realized that I either had to bowl alternating strikes and spares for the entire game or get 2 strikes in a row to achieve 200 or better.

My first over 200 game came the day after I read the guidance from the caddy, Bagger Vance, to the golfer about finding “The Field”. About half way thru the game I knew I was doing quite well. I forced myself to ignore the scoreboard and to just relax. I found “The Field” or what we refer to these days as “The Zone”. I not only broke thru the barrier, my score is still my highest game to date – 245 – over twice my average. Many bowlers never achieve a score this high, and for those who have, it is still rare. I was so excited, my next game was only 112. My excitement moved me out of the zone.

The keys to performing at the top of any skill set, or being in “The Zone”, are: focus and intention, stay relaxed and believe, and being the “ball” (or whatever is involved) or finding the stroke that already exists – visualize the end result happening.

Set an intention, believe, and find The Zone whenever you want.


photo credit: experience Madeira, Algarve, Brazil !! via photopin cc

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