How To Use Universal Energy

Ladybug PointThe entire Universe and all of life is made of energy. Your and my bodies are essentially energy, as are the plants, rocks, even the molecules of air – every atom in the Universe is made of energy. And this energy is intelligent, or at least receptive. Here is where it can get a bit weird. More on that later. Being conscious beings, we can use this Universal Energy for our own benefit, to either boost the energy in our bodies, or to direct a desired outcome.

You can access Universal Energy using one of many processes. I’ll share one. Start by sitting comfortably and quieting your mind, then plant your feet flat on the ground (or the floor is ok too), then visualize the energy at the center of the earth – energy so strong as to melt the iron core – and visualize this energy rising upward, thru the cracks or a conduit, toward your planted feet. Imagine also your feet growing roots down into the earth, to absorb this energy, like the roots of plants take in water. Continue this visualization for a several minutes, until you feel your energy is greatly boosted. If you can visit a location of an energy vortex, your experience could be phenomenal.

I used a variation of this technique to help the Colorado Avalanche hockey team win some games. During the last period of a few games, where the players seemed exhausted, I visualized the energy feeding into the bench where the Avs sit, so that the energy was available to boost the player’s bodies. Very soon after, the players appeared to have regained their strength and stamina. They won every game when I did this.

In addition to boosting your own energy, you can also direct the Universal Energy for your benefit. This is the weird part. Scientists have proven that by selecting one of a set of intentions, an experiment conducted repeatedly following exacting processes would result in different outcomes which always match the desired intention. One key factor is to “desire” instead of “want”, because when you want something there is a focus on not having it (or lack) so you simply attract (or manifest) wanting-ness. Be detached from the outcome. Another key factor is feeling emotionally positive. Many suggest that you should imagine how you would feel when what you desire has arrived. Another way is to simply recall a memory of a time/place when you were really happy and peaceful. Universal Energy responds mostly to your feelings, and secondarily to your thoughts.

Be aware of the energy in your body, and the energy in the space where you are. Boost your energy when needed. Identify those places where energy always feels wonderful, and visit them often. Learn where the energy vortices are, so you can tap into the energy from those locations. Feel good, full of energy, and have a wonderful life.

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