Universal Energy Workshop & Vortex Hike

Ladybugs at annual gathering.There are various locations around the world where it is easy to feel a higher energy vibration. Sedona is famous for this, calling each an energy vortex. Colorado also has several energy vortices, including a few in Gilpin County. One vortex is so strong migrating birds have been seen circling for hours as if caught in it’s energy field, hikers have been known to lose all sense of direction, and compass needles oscillate. Lady bugs hold their annual gathering on a rock outcropping in this area.

The hike will be anLadybug Point experiential energy experience as Gloria shares her extensive knowledge of Universal Energy and guides you in methods of usingĀ it for your own benefit. Learn how to:

  • boost your own energy,
  • direct a desired outcome,
  • improve life (success, happiness, resolve conflicts),
  • more

Why not get away from the heat? Come play and hike with me, as you grow your energy awareness. You will depart with the memory of a unique experience, and will know how to access Universal Energy for personal healing and rejuvenation.

The hike is of moderate difficulty, and will be paced to accommodate those attending. There is about a 700 ft rise in altitude, starting near 9,200ft. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and a sack lunch. Wear shoes or boots appropriate for hiking over rocks (present for a very short section of the hike).

A must experience! Very popular!
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