Energy Exchanges

Last month you learned that everything is made of energy, including your body, along with a process for boosting your energy. This month, we will look at how, with every interaction, there is an exchange of energy.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt a lightness, or possibly the opposite – tension? These feelings are not simply your imagination, but instead are real, based on the conversation in progress before you arrived. The space becomes filled with an energy vibration matching the emotions present.

People of low consciousness often fight or argue, or sometimes are simply ornery, as a way to boost their own energy. Judith Orloff MD (Positive Energy) actually labels individuals who do this frequently as energy vampires. Those who steal energy are unaware that this is what they are doing. The person who wins the argument feels energized while the person who lost feels drained. Can you relate?

While the above interchange is quite common, it is also possible to boost everyone’s energy. This is done by avoiding confrontations and ensuring you are full of energy before joining any conversation (see the July article, How To Use Universal Energy). Entering an interchange with your partner after first thinking of all the things you love about them, can result in a truly beautiful experience. And, if you witness others in an argument, by first filling yourself with love, you can enter the conversation as a mediator, sending love to each involved, while asking about common ground. This can entirely shift the energy toward a positive outcome.

I’ve used this later technique to calm crying babies at airports. The mother is hugging their baby, bouncing them on their shoulder, trying everything they can think of to quiet their child, often looking quite anxious. I fill myself with love, and then “beam” that love to the baby. Within about a minute the baby has calmed, and the mother is looking at the child wondering what happened. This has totally changed my travel experiences.

Which type of energy exchange do you choose? Comment below.

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