Neurological studies have determined that in order to visually see something, it must be within our comprehension. There is a story about the natives living on the Caribbean islands being unable to see Columbus’ sailing ships. The healer sensed that there was something there, and stared at the ocean for a few days until he was finally able to see the ships. Once he saw them, and described them to the others, then everyone was able to see.

Additionally, scientists have also determined that of all the stimulus available, our brains are only capable of taking in a tiny fraction of the available information. Our brains filter this information, and determine a category for what is “perceived”, and make a determination based as much on past history as what is real now.

What do you see above? Columns? Or humans?

We are blind to actual reality. So, next time you think you know what is real, to cure your blindness, think again. Consider that there is probably more going on than you have perceived. Be open to other ideas. Take a second (third, fourth, etc.) look and let your imagination go wild with potential options. This is key to personal growth.


photo credit: tinou bao via photopin cc

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