Believe It’s Possible

“Ask and it is given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”
~ The Bible, Luke 11:9

Bent SpoonWhile we were still children, and continuing throughout life, we are told how things work. It takes 8 weeks for a broken bone to heal, 10 days for a common cold to run it’s course, eating certain “bad” foods or smoking will cause cancer, etc. I have to question how much of this is accurate. I recall a story I heard over 30 years ago of someone in Russia smoking a pack a day and living well past 100 years old.

In Mutant Message from Down Under, there is a story of a young aborigine man on a walk-about who broke his leg from a fall when a cantilevered stone broke on the edge of a cliff. The men in the tribe scrambled down the 12 feet and carried him up. The healer held her hands above the wound, where the bone was protruding, while two others held his hip and ankle. The healer directed when to yank to set the bone. The amazing part of this story is that he was able to walk on the broken leg the next morning.

What if your ailments – physical or social – could be healed overnight? What lessons are there to learn from your ailments? Can you shift your mind to believe that a Greater Power can and will heal you, or shift any of your situations you wish were different?

Two great questions to ask are: What lesson is there for me in having this experience? And, What belief am I holding on to that brought me this experience?

Believe, and anything is possible.


photo credit: Arnett Gill via photopin cc

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