Appreciate Surprises

RoseWe all want our lives to go as we envision, especially whenever there is something special planned, like a wedding. We often plan for months, picking the perfect dress, the perfect bakery to create the cake of our dreams, the perfect flowers, singer/music. We plan every detail of this day.

A few days before my wedding, a friend offered me this advice. If something goes other than planned, just go with the flow. If everything goes exactly as planned, years from now the day will just be a blur. It’s the unexpected things which happen that will help you to recall this day. This proved to be wonderful advice, which I have passed along to other brides.

This advice applies to all of life – appreciate the surprises. It’s the surprises that create lasting memories. Deal with whatever comes up appropriately, then go with the flow.

photo credit: gloria.manna via photopin cc

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