What Muse Gloria Believes

This is only a start on my beliefs, so please check back in a week or so for the complete list.

Following is a list of beliefs embraced by Muse Gloria. Knowing these may help you to understand her, and to determine if Gloria to be a beneficial Guide for your life, at this time.

  • The Universe brings to each individual that which will keep their emotions in the same realm as they are currently feeling.
  • Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is often to facilitate one’s growth, so there is no such designation as good or bad, because all growth is good.
  • Hell as a place to go in the afterlife is only someone’s imagination¬¨‚Ć- hell is what many create during their human lives here on earth.
  • As Einstein suggested, multiple parallel universes do exist, the count is infinite, as every possible combination of outcomes exists in one of these universes. It is also possible to shift into a parallel universe, where only a few factors are different.
  • The human brain is wired to want to believe.

More to come later …