Muse Gloria’s Life Story

It all started when my Spirit decided to experience the human existence, and chose this time period, my loving parents, and a few other events. 

I was born in Independence, Missouri to parents who were/are generally loving and caring.

When I was barely a toddler I experienced a mishap. Mom, my brother (2 1/2 years older), and I were visiting at neighbor’s, in their back yard, where some other children were on a teeter-totter swing that was missing a seat. Mom was holding my hand when my brother started begging to be picked up. Mom said she knew that if/when she let go of my hand that I would toddle to the swing and be hurt, so she kept telling my bother, “no”, yet he kept begging. So, Mom thought she could pick him up really quick and catch me too. Mistake. She was right. I toddled away, was hit in the forehead between my eyebrows. I received 30 stitches.

I share this, as I’ve come to understand that this was the major defining moment of my life. You can only imagine all the things I told myself — “I’m not good enough”; “Mom loves my brother more than me”; “I have to earn my mother’s/parent’s love”; etc. So, I started on the journey to be excellent, to earn my parent’s love and respect. I excelled at school. I was conferred the position of first-chair in the all-city orchestra during my last year of elementary school (the first year for the all-city orchestra).

During my elementary school days, I was the curve breaker, resulting in being called names, being¬†the last chosen for any sports teams, and had almost zero friends (there was one who I think, in hindsight, just felt sorry for me), yet I earned my parent’s respect. I loved and excelled at math and science, and found english and history boring, I hated reading books.

My parents, being Christian, took me to Sunday School. The church held a somewhat open mind, stating the beliefs: The Bible was the word of God which should be read and interpreted in a way meaningful to the reader; Jesus was the son of God; we only need ask and our sins are forgiven; life – in spiritual form – is eternal. When I was about 7 years old, I came to embrace the idea that where we go when we depart our human form is a wonderful place, a place we can be excited about going to.

Things got a bit better when I entered Junior High School, as I was placed mostly into advanced level classes, with all new classmates. And in High School, I was even invited to join one of the Literary Society clubs. (These were like a junior version of the sororities in college.) I had a few friends and we often got together during evenings and weekends for fun activities. I graduated with a 4.8/4.0 GPA. (You ask how I could get over the max? The advanced classes had a max of 5.0 for an ‘A’, yet the non-academic classes were only 4.0, so, yes, I continued to excel at school.) An ¬†IQ test rated me at 189. I continued to enjoy the math and science classes, and actually enjoyed english when we were diagraming sentences. In High School, the math club visited another school’s computer lab where we got to play some games. This got me interested in Computer Science.

Back at church, in Senior Sunday School, we read the book, How to be a Christian without being Religious – a study of the book of Roman’s. It was interesting to separate the dogma of the religion from true spiritual beliefs.¬†

I fit in really good at college, as I attended Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly University of Missouri РRolla & Missouri School of Mines Рthe science & engineering campus). 99.9% of the student body were geeks, just like me. My first semester was a piece of cake, as I was re-taking classes I had in High School Рtrig, 1st semester calculus, 1st semester physics. Then 2nd semester started, and soon spring came, while taking 2nd semester calculus and physics. I soon learned that I never learned how to study. Everything came so easy, once I got into more advanced topics surrounded by others of similar abilities much focus and attention was required. I was put on probation at the beginning of my sophomore year, I learned how to study, and my grades improved each year.

Upon graduation, I worked for a small company for a year, then returned to get my Master’s degree. Upon completion, I worked for IBM for 8 years, followed by a series of other companies, both large and small.

A few years after moving to Colorado in 1993, a friend gave me the book The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield. This started me onto the next chapter of my Spiritual journey. I’d ask friends for suggestions of similar books, then started going to the bookstore where I’d find where the books I’d read were located, and see what else looked interesting. Some of the authors¬†I’ve read include Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham-Hicks), Deepak Chopra, Carlos Castaneda, Greg Braden, and more. Then, one day in 2003, I visited the book store to pick up the latest book by someone when¬†The Science of the Mind by Ernest Holmes called out to me – a book that is 669 pages long, 1-3/4 inches thick in paper back. Remember, I don’t like to read. I put the book back on the shelf 3 times before I finally agreed to buy it. While I have yet, years later, to get past the first paragraph in the other book, I couldn’t put down the Holmes’ book.

I shared about the book to a person I had just met and hired for a service, and she suggested I attend Mile Hi Church. It was a couple of months later, at the end of July when I attended for the first time. The energy felt really wonderful. This was the first day to sign-up for SOM classes, and I did so. I continued thru SOM 101, 201, & 301. Wanting to get a head start on being a Practitioner, I became a Certified Life Coach training with Coach Training Alliance in 2006, then entered Practitioner (Spiritual Guide) training the fall of the next year, graduating in the summer of 2008.

In October of 2001, I was laid off from my corporate job, and because of the 911 attacks, it was impossible to find work at that time. So I decided to take a part time business doing stained glass to a full-time endeavor. When I realized that the $/hour was ridiculously low, I started building web sites, doing some coaching, teaching a class or two. This business struggled, producing very minimal income, then I started focusing on how to be of service to others, and my entire life has shifted. Most recently the business has morphed into Soul Geek Guru Рfocus on training & coaching for success with a bit of tech mixed in.

With the exception of being with other geeks, I’ve found it difficult to fit in. Sometimes my husband, jokingly, calls me Shelly from time to time – referring to Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. I don’t think I’m as bad as Sheldon, yet I can relate to much of the social challenges all the geek characters face. For this reason, my ideal clients are the other geeks/analytics/techies, as I know we can relate to each other.

I’m excited about guiding you to realizing your ultimate success!